#7 | Unconventional Choices

In this episode of Reawakened, Jade is calling in from New Zealand as she’s currently traveling with her daughter.

We’re talking about the unconventional choices we’re making as women who are newly single.

In this episode we talk about:

  • reframing what it is to be 'homeless'
  • choices that feel right to you but often scare others who are close to you
  • the consideration and our feelings on home-schooling
  • creating anchors for our kids during times of transition
  • realising we’re creating very different experiences for our children than we had growing up
  • push back from family and friends around our unconventional choices and how we navigate that
  • how our stories can at times be a mirror to others
  • when others feel uncomfortable with our personal change
  • changing friendships after separation and divorce

We'd love for you to join the conversation.

Head over to our instagram - @reawakened_women - or leave us a voicemail via the Anchor app and tell us: 

What unconventional choices have you made? And were you effected by the reaction of others?

Jade + Vari xx

Vari Longmuir