#6 | Navigating Change Gracefully

In episode #6 of Reawakened, we're talking about how, where possible, we've tried to navigated our separations with grace.

In this episode we talk about:

  • how high expectations lead to struggle and resentment

  • how often what we need from others is what we need to give ourself

  • the quiet sources of support that have helped in grounding through transition

  • the importance of meditation for both of us but how we both resisted it so much!

  • Vari’s story about standing in a toy shop crying her eyes out

  • Vari’s unhelpful experience with a therapist and why she chose to stop

  • Jade’s experience with mental health professionals

  • times when we've known the answers within ourselves

  • how ‘experts’ do not always know what’s best for you

  • the importance of establishing boundaries and advocating for yourself

  • how to navigate new relationships after separation

We'd love for you to join the conversation.

Head over to our instagram - @reawakened_women - or leave us a voicemail via the Anchor app and tell us: 

What are some helpful resources that you've used through times of transition?

Jade + Vari xx

Vari Longmuir