#1 | Relationships + Separation

Welcome to the first episode of Reawakened, the podcast with and for women in transition.

Get to know a little more about us - Jade McKenzie and Vari Longmuir - as we dive into our own personal transitions over the last few years. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • our own personal transitions
  • how life changing transitions can be quiet and gentle, not like in the movies!
  • how as women we often bury our own desires to help others with theirs
  • the moments we knew we had to chose something different for ourselves
  • the guilt around making decisions that impact other and second guessing if we're doing the right thing
  • how those flickers of change manifested for each of us
  • when home doesn't feel like home anymore
  • reactions to big decisions you've made, the good and the bad
  • what we REALLY need to hear when we share our story

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Jade + Vari xx

Vari Longmuir