About Us

(and how Reawakened came to be.) 

Jade and Vari have been business buddies for over 5 years. But it was a impromptu after-work wine on a cold Wednesday night in Melbourne where the first glimmer of Reawakened flickered.

"Within the first half glass, we realised that our worlds had been quietly running in parallel for the last few years.

Honouring evolving relationships, navigating new family structures with grace and respect, redefining identities, making unpopular choices, trusting intuition in the face of crippling fear, the unashamed pursuit of pleasure...

Really, what it is to be a woman / mother / daughter / lover today?

Nothing was off the table.

We knew that evening that:

  • THIS is what it is to have like-minded women in your tribe.
  • THIS is what female friendships are all about.
  • THIS is what isn't being openly shared.

Reawakened is an interview series with and for women in transition.

For the women who sense there’s a change ahead.

For those who are deep in the messiness of it.

And also for those emerging out the other side.

Our hope is that our conversations will be the medicine you need during these lonely and confusing times of transition.

Let us just say, by NO MEANS have we got it all figured out.

Our intention with the podcast is to share our experiences as we travel this unknown path in the hopes that it offers some comfort.

We hope that we can be examples that you too can do this. Whatever ‘this’ may be for you."


Jade McKenzie

Jade is owner of Event Head and 5 x internationally award winning event professional and business coach.

With over 15 years’ experience in event management and business development in the corporate, not for profit and entrepreneurial sectors, Jade's everyones go-to event pro.

Recently separated from her husband of 9 years, Jade is trying to gracefully navigate this new chapter in life with a 5 year old and untangle two lives that have been interwoven for more than a decade.

She believes:

  • You can create a new paradigm in your relationships and co-parent like rockstars.
  • Every woman can spread her wings even further than she thinks.
  • Our souls are yearning to be seen, heard and acknowledged.

Vari Longmuir

Vari is the cliche 'Gen Y multi-hyphenate'.

Graphic designer - illustrator - stylist - model: it can all be wrapped up as the owner and creative director of her Melbourne based creative studio, Buttercup Ink.

Having separated from her husband in 2016 after 15 years together, 10 of marriage and 2 kids, she's navigating the new family structure, rediscovering who she is and defining what is important on a day-to-day basis.

What she knows for sure:

  • There's no blueprint for this life and it gets all kinds of messy
  • Even in the most dark and delicate of moments, a little humour can go a long way to restoring sanity!
  • When we say, "I don't know." it's not that we don't know. We do. It's that we don't feel ready for it just yet.