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in transition

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Beauty, it’s time to wake up.

Remove the veil and open your eyes.
Has something been shifting in you? Gently at first, stirring slowly until you notice the tug of a new direction?
And now it’s getting louder, and stronger, and harder to ignore…

Does this sound familiar?

You heart, your mind, your soul, are changing.


Taking a gasp of fresh air.

You feel pulled to set yourself free from the burden of expectation. 

Are you taking all of your fragments - all of the pieces that make you wholeand letting them be seen?


Are you

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We know:

  • You sense there is a change coming. It’s still unclear what it is but it’s stirring and it feels BIG.  
  • You are ready to be wholly and completely unapologetic in your claim for you heart, mind and body.  
  • You are simultaneously thrilled and unnervingly terrified by what is to come.
  • You are craving examples of women who have walked before you, because you NEED someone to show you it will be ok, when you don’t have the strength to remind yourself.  
  • You yearn for those deeply honest conversations that feels like someone is speaking into your very soul.
  • You have tried to fit the mould and you know, no matter how much you try, that is no place for you. And to be there day after day, is killing you.

“Don't surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn't true anymore.” 

Cheryl Strayed


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